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Programa del Control de la Calidad


The IOC works hard to preserve the good quality reputation of olive oil and to prevent fraud. One way it does so is through sponsorship of a voluntary scheme for the quality control of the olive oils and olive-pomace oils sold by IOC member countries on import markets.

This scheme is centred on ensuring that exported oils are correctly defined and

named, that their physico–chemical characteristics are in order and that they

comply with IOC labelling criteria.

The scheme was first put in place in July 1991 on the United States and Canadian markets where an agreement was signed between the main exporters of the IOC member countries and the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA).

In January 1993, the scheme was extended to Australia when another agreement was signed with the Australian Olive Oil Association (AOOA).

More recently, other markets have become involved such as Brazil where an olive oil importers and distributors association – OLIVA – has been created as a result of a long preparatory process to which the IOC has been committed in earnest.

To avoid fragmentation, the various separate agreements were merged into a single document known by the official title of Agreement for the quality control of the olive oils and olive-pomace oils sold on import markets.

This new agreement has been signed by a large number of associations representing producers and exporters from the IOC member countries and importers or distributors who operate on the US, Canadian, Australian and Brazilian markets and who will be joined in the near future by others in India and Uruguay.

The list of countries involved in the scheme will not stop here. It is hoped that other professionals from elsewhere who take a concern in maintaining the quality of the olive oil sold on their markets will swell the ranks of the signatories.





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