October 2014
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Issue Nr 119 of OLIVAE is just out in the five official languages of the IOC (Arabic, English, French, Italian and Spanish). For the first time, OLIVAE is a truly scientific journal dedicated in its entirety to scientific aspects of olive growing…

It is common knowledge that products labelled as extra virgin olive oil flavoured or infused with lemon, garlic etc or as flavoured virgin olive oil or flavoured olive oil are to be found on the marketplace. While it is true that the market for such…

The IOC Executive Secretariat is looking to compile a list of the institutions working in the olive oil and table olive sector in the IOC member countries in order to create a comprehensive database.

You are therefore kindly requested to supply the…

The IOC Executive Secretariat aims to have a broad vision of the experts working in the olive/olive oil sector in the IOC member countries. You are therefore kindly requested to supply your updated contact details together with information on your…

The Council of Members of the International Olive Council met recently to discuss developments in the activities coordinated by the Executive Secretariat since its preceding session. Meeting between 2 and 6 June 2014 at IOC headquarters in Madrid,…

Twenty-one participants were designated by IOC Heads of Delegation to take part in the second international course for the leaders of table olive tasting panels held recently at IOC headquarters. Most of the participants belonged to official…