ottobre 2014
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OLIVE OIL: MARKET PICTURE FOR 2013/14 AND FORECASTS FOR 2014/15 - With the crop year now closed, the data coming in from countries – as yet provisional – give a world production figure of 3 164 000 t, up by 32 pc on the previous season,…

Il COI si unisce alla iniziativa dell'Associazione Italiana Pandolea – Donne dell’olio, per la pubblicazione di ricette a base di olio d'oliva sul sito del progetto WE-Women for Expo.


WE-Women for Expo è uno dei progetti…

Here is the latest IOC press review: Although published once a month on the IOC website it can be consulted at all times because it is updated daily. Add it to your list of Favourites and let us know if you have any…

Chinese imports of olive oil and olive pomace increased exponentially between the 2001/02 and 2011/12 crop years (see Chart I) I) but contracted 6 pc between 2011/12 and 2012/13. The monthly data (Chart II) for 2012/13 show a sharp decrease in…

The International Olive Council is the international authority on olive oil and table olives and the forum where specific testing methods and standards are studied for these products. As such, it decided to address its written comments to the…

According to the provisional figures for the 2013/14 crop year, world table olive production looks set to be similar to the season before, lying at around 2 511 500 t. The member countries of the IOC will produce more than 91 pc of world tonnage…