dicembre 2015
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On a proposal from IOC Executive Director Jean-Louis Barjol and Deputy Director Ammar Assabah, the member countries of the International Olive Council decided to conduct a study on the costs of production of olive oil. A working group of experts…

Issue 122 of OLIVAE just out in English.

Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish editions to follow soon.

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At the recent 103rd session of the International Olive Council (23–26 November), the IOC Council of Members decided to appoint  Abdellatif Ghedira, of Tunisian nationality, to succeed the current Executive Director Jean-Louis Barjol at…

Here is the latest IOC press review: Although published once a month on the IOC website it can be consulted at all times because it is updated daily. Add it to your list of Favourites and let us know if you have any…

JAPAN:   At the close of the 2014/15 crop year, Japanese imports of olive oil and olive pomace oil totalled 61 877 t, recording 10 pc growth on the previous season. Imports are itemised by country of origin in Table 1, which shows that 96…

The funds allocated for technical grants in the IOC technical cooperation budget for 2015 have been used up in full. Consequently, as of 5 November 2015, the Executive Secretariat will not examine any further applications submitted by IOC member…