September 2018
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Buenos Aires – The countdown has started for the next meeting of the Council of Members of the International Olive Council (IOC). Its 107th session will be held in Buenos Aires at the invitation of the Argentine authorities. The…

An international scientific event to raise awareness of the benefits of virgin olive oil for health and the environment

Museo Íbero, Jaén, 18–20 May 2018 ) (

New York – Egypt is now officially a Member of the International Olive Council (in the picture: the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt Sameh Shoukry and the Executive Director of the IOC Abdellatif Ghedira). On 3 May, Egypt…

The 51st meeting of the Advisory Committee on Olive Oil and Table Olives was held on 24 April 2018 in Amman, Jordan. This Committee brings together professional representatives (producers, consumers, industry and trade) of the olive oil and table…

Madrid - The International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives, 2015, was negotiated under the rules of the United Nations and has three general goals:

  • Research and standardisation: to seek to achieve uniformity in national and…

Madrid – The Technology and Environment Unit of the IOC Executive Secretariat is working at full steam. The initiatives – both those  already implemented and those yet to be implemented in 2018 – that will be examined at the…