March 2015
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Less than a week to go until the time limit expires for applications for IOC traineeships. Don't let this opportunity go by. Find all the necessary details here Vacancies

Here is the latest IOC press review: Although published once a month on the IOC website it can be consulted at all times because it is updated daily. Add it to your list of Favourites and let us know if you have any…

Between 1990/91 and 2014/15 world consumption of olive oil increased 1.7-fold. The most salient aspect of this trend is the regular growth of consumption in non-IOC member countries whose share of world consumption expanded from 11 pc to 24 pc…

In all, 111 oils have competed for the International Olive Council’s Mario Solinas Quality Award 2015 announced in June 2014, with entries coming from ...

The International Olive Council often receives requests for IOC patronage to lend status to activities. Patronage means support in the form of authorisation to use the name, acronym and/or logo of the IOC to demonstrate its moral endorsement of an…

The Foundation for the Advancement and Development of Olive Oil has now published the papers presented at the 16th scientific–technical symposium held at EXPOLIVA in 2013. To read them, go to: