August 2019
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Promotion Division

The Promotion Division is in charge of drawing up and implementing IOC promotional policy and activities and of producing promotional publications and material.

IOC promotion is largely carried out through a grant funding programme and through campaigns proper.

In the first case, the Division runs two schemes for the award of grants. The first is for generic promotional and scientific events (trade fairs, exhibitions, food demonstrations etc.) held in traditional producer and consumer countries. The second is geared towards providing financing for national programmes to promote local consumption of olive oil and table olives in producer IOC member countries which are not Members of the European Union.

In the second case, the Division oversees educational promotion campaigns on new emerging markets characterised by fast growing economies, very large populations and high market potential for food consumption, particularly of olive oil and olives.

The Division produces a range of information: leaflets, booklets, an official magazine (Olivae, available in Arabic, English, French, Italian and Spanish), videos, … – for release during campaigns, at promotional events and in response to enquiries from the general public.

Division tasks include other activities such as organising media tours of olive growing countries for specialist journalists, representing the IOC at events in general and hosting stands at trade fairs to mention just a few.