November 2019
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YEAR 2019

Meeting of chemistry experts

Methods of analysis of olive oils and olive-pomace oils


Madrid - On 3 and 4 October 2019, a meeting was held for experts on methods for analysing olive oils and olive-pomace oils at IOC headquarters in Madrid. Some thirty experts met to discuss various topics of interest, and they were joined by observers and representatives from various non-member countries, such as Australia and the United States. 

At the meeting, participants presented the results of the electronic working group on the revision of the Codex standard for olive oils and olive-pomace oils, the conclusions of the 26th meeting of the Codex Committee on Fats and Oils and the 42nd meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, as well as future work with the ES.

The expert group also provided the results of the collaborative ring tests using methods for the determination of stigmastadienes; the quantification of erythrodiol and uvaol; and the determination of methanol, ethanol and phenolic compounds in olive oils.

Other ongoing studies were presented, including the method for the determination of alkyl esters and waxes and the status of the relationship between volatile compounds and sensory defects. A restricted working group addressed other topics of interest.

On the second day, participants discussed the study on the parameters of the refined olive oil standard and the survey on fatty acids. Experts discussed the possible revision of certain parameters and scientific studies and bibliographic research with a view to revising the Codex standard for olive oils and olive-pomace oils.

Finally, updates were given on the H2020 research project "OLEUM" was presented and information on ISO TC34 SC 11 was provided.