November 2019
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YEAR 2019

54° Advisory Committee

Tribute paid to the former Chairs and Vice-Chairs

  • Madrid - Thirteen former Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Advisory Committee received a diploma of recognition and a commemorative pin from the International Olive Council.

The Executive Director, Abdellatif Ghedira, and his two Deputy Directors, Jaime Lillo and Mustafà Sepetci, paid tribute to these leaders for their commitment to the olive sector and the role they played in the Advisory Committee.

The ceremony took place on 15 October, at the end of the 54th meeting of the Advisory Committee, in the IOC conference room.

In the photo, Mr Ghedira presents a commemorative brooch to Maria Dolores Benavides Helbig, widow of Juan Vicente Gomez Moya (Spain), former Chair of the Advisory Committee who recently passed away, in memory of her husband.

Also decorated were Messrs. Ali Hadj Mbarek (Tunisia), Gennaro Forcella (Italy); Francisco Molina (Spain); Marino Melissano (Italy); Panayiotis Karantonis (Greece); Luis Folque (Portugal); Andrea Negri (Italy); Andreas Plemmenos (Greece); Francisco Fernández Garcia (Portugal); Michele Bungaro (Italy) ; Loukas Kollias (Greece) and Tullio Forcella (Italy). In total 5 Italians, 3 Greeks, 2 Spaniards, 2 Portuguese and 1 Tunisian.


The full photo gallery of the ceremony with the presentation of IOC diplomas and insignia to the participants is available here.