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Olive oil and gastronomy

Nowadays the use of olive oil is no longer limited to areas where the olive tree is grown and it has come to represent quality cooking almost all over the world.

The alteration undergone by vegetable oils when heated for frying is quicker and more intense the higher their content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (seed oils), and the higher the initial acidity of the oil (it is more stable if it has a high content of natural antioxidants - vitamin E). This alteration also varies according to temperature and length of time heated, number of times used, manner of frying (in continuous frying it changes less), and the type of food being fried (frying fish, especially oily fish, increases the polyunsaturated acid content of the oil, facilitating its decomposition).

To retain its properties it must be kept away from excess heat, air, damp and, above all, from light.