December 2018
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Year 2018

Eagerly expected ratification by Iran

Madrid - His Excellence Mohammad Hassan Fadaifard, was received by the Executive Director Abdellatif Ghedira on Wednesday 10th. During their meeting, Ambassador Fadaifard indicated that the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran is taking the necessary steps to enable the ratification of the Agreement and that the Government of Iran hopes to be able a full membership of the International Olive Council as soon as possible.

Mr Ghedira recalled the Executive Secretariat’s collaboration with the Islamic Republic of Iran, renewing his warmest congratulations to Ambassador Fadaifard for his efforts to ensure the ratification of said Agreement. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been an important and longstanding partner in the IOC. In Spring 2016, it hosted the meeting of the IOC Advisory Committee, made up of representatives of the whole sector, who attended a presentation by Iran on recent achievements in the Iranian olive growing sector and national strategy to develop the production and the consumption.