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Seminar on Olive Oil & Health – January 17, 2018

One-day Event at DAVIS : Launching “The Olive Oil Promise”

International Conference on Olive Oil and Prevention of Chronic Disease

Ahead of the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (held Jan. 21-23, 2018), the IOC will present a one-day educational seminar on olive oil in collaboration with the Olive Center at University of California at Davis (UC Davis). Held on the college campus at the Robert Mondavi Institute, the event will feature experts from around the world who will share the latest developments in olive oil and health, nutrition and other attributes. The educational seminar will be an opportunity to introduce the IOC’s U.S. campaign, The Olive Oil Promise. The event will accommodate approximately 80 guests, and attendees will include influencers and thought leaders in the areas of health/wellness, trade and government affairs, particularly those involved in California’s burgeoning olive oil industry. Additionally, a select group of associated media will be invited to attend.

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UC DAVIS - OLIVE OIL SEMINAR Date: 08.01.2018    Category: Michele news    Author: ioc