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Year 2018

An international harvest

Madrid - As the olive harvest begins across the northern hemisphere, the IOC does not shy away and has organised its own international harvest. With 17 olive trees, planted around an impressive statue of the dove of peace, the garden in front of the IOC holds one of the most beautiful exhibitions of olive tree varieties from all over the world. Some of these trees were planted at the time when certain countries acceded to the IOC. In the photo, you can see Executive Director Abdellatif Ghedira accompanied by Ambassador of Egypt Omar Ahmed Abdel Wahab Selim, Embassy Counsellor Tarek Sirak and Deputy Executive Directors Jaime Lillo and Mustafa Sepetçi picking the fruits of the Egyptian olive tree. The different varieties of olives harvested today, selected with care by Head of the Technology and Environment Unit Abdelkrim Adi, were placed in special containers which will be handed over to authorities as a symbolic gesture from the IOC to mark the 2018 olive crop year.