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Year 2018

Research centres and Xylella control – new IOC frontiers

Madrid – The Technology and Environment Unit of the IOC Executive Secretariat is working at full steam. The initiatives – both those  already implemented and those yet to be implemented in 2018 – that will be examined at the 107th session of the Council of Members in Buenos Aires include closer collaboration with universities and research centers for the production of autochthonous olive genotypes to provide growers with higher quality material; the definition by the IOC of international recognition procedures for the creation of training centers in the olive growing and olive oil sector; the continued fight against the spread of Xylella fastidiosa; and support for the creation of a network of germplasm banks in countries that apply the IOC standard, with a view to creating international collections of material free from bacteria or other organisms that damage global olive production. The IOC’s commitment to these areas was reiterated by its Executive Secretariat at the 51st meeting of the Advisory Committee in Amman. The package of proposals will be examined next month at the 107th session of the Council of Members.