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Imports of olive oil and olive-pomace oil in China increased steadily over the period 2001/02 – 2011/12 (graph 1), until they reached a maximum of almost 46 000 t in the 2011/12 crop year. Imports however then suffered year-on-year decreases of 6% and 15% in the 2012/13 and 2013/14 crop years. Now, however, everything seems to point to a recovery in the market. The 2015/16 crop year closed with a 12% year-on-year increase, exceeding 40 000 t. An analysis of monthly data (graph 2) indicates that the highest import volumes are recorded in the first months of the crop year (November, December and January) and that imports over the first seven months of the current crop year rose by 17%.  ...

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