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Year 2017

Award ceremony of the 2017 Mario Solinas National Award of Portugal

The Executive Secretariat of the International Olive Council, represented by the Head of the Olive Oil Chemistry and Standardisation Unit, participated in the award ceremony of the 2017 Mario Solinas National Award of Portugal, which was held in Santarem on 22 May.

The national competition was jointly organised by the Centre for the Study and Promotion of Alentejo Olive Oil and the National Centre for Exhibitions and Agricultural Fairs, with the patronage of the International Olive Council.

Through its patronage of national extra virgin olive oil quality competitions, the Council seeks to encourage individual producers, producer associations and packing companies in producer countries to sell extra virgin olive oils with harmonious organoleptic characteristics and encourage consumers to recognise and appreciate the sensory attributes of extra virgin olive oils. It should be noted that patronage is given to competitions organised by public national institutions that undertake to apply the rules of the IOC Mario Solinas Quality Award.

The jury of this national competition included some of the most outstanding national and international tasters, seeking to identify the best Portuguese olive oils and reward, promote, improve and disseminate quality, specificity and the diversity of the products of this country.

The list of winners and finalists for the different categories is provided below:


Ripe fruitiness:

Finalists: Casa Anadia, Cooperativa Agrícola De Moura E Barrancos, C.R.L., Fundação Eugénio De Almeida

3rd Prize: Sica – Sociedade Comercial E Industrial De Azeites, Lda.

2nd Prize: Esporão Azeites, Lda.

1st Prize: Adega Cooperativa De Freixo De Espada À Cinta, C.R.L.


Mild green fruitiness:

Finalists: Carm, S.A., Casa Agrícola Hmr, Lda., Fio Da Beira, Lda.

3rd Prize: Masaedo, Produção E Comercialização De Produtos Alimentares, Lda.

2nd Prize: Sociedade Olivícola F. A. Callado, S.A.

1st Prize: Agroazeite, S.A.


Medium green fruitiness:

Finalists: Celso Hernâni Gastalho Madeira, Fio Dourado, Lda., Olimontes, Indústria E Comércio De Óleos Vegetais, Lda.

3rd Prize: Lua Cheia Em Vinhas Velhas, Lda.

2nd Prize: Saov, S.A.

1st Prize: Sociedade Agrícola Vale Do Ouro, S.A.


Intense green fruitiness:

Finalists: Cooperativa De Olivicultores De Valpaços, C.R.L., Sociedade Agrícola Valbom E Anexos, Lda., Trás-Os-Montes Prime, Lda.

3rd Prize: Elosua Portugal, Produtos Alimentares, S.A.

2nd Prize: Elaia, S.A.

1st Prize: Refúgio Verde, Lda.