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September 2019

Year 2019

IOC: the working group on organoleptic assessment

Madrid – Some 40 experts from IOC member countries took part in a meeting on the organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oil at IOC headquarters in Madrid. Attendees discussed recent updates on organoleptic assessment, sensory analysis panel harmonization and the classification of virgin olive oil. 

As discussed at the previous meeting, the ES informed attendees that the accreditation guide for ISO 17025 on sensory analysis laboratories had been approved by IOC member countries via written procedure. Work continued with the proposal made by experts from Spain on applying the sensorial analysis method, with reference to official inspection procedures to ensure accurate labelling.

An important part of the meeting was dedicated to presenting the progress of the various electronic working groups, covering topics such as laboratory accreditation, reference materials, and statistics that apply to sensory analysis. The groups presented the results to representatives from the Executive Secretariat, who were happy with the work and wished for more active participation and continued progress.

Attendees also discussed the draft guide to conservation for consumers. The coordinator of the OLEUM project presented the results achieved so far, with particular reference to the production and use of reference materials in sensory panels.

The group also discussed the proposals for a new profile sheet for the Mario Solinas Award. Experts were given updates on IOC recognition for sensorial analysis laboratories.