September 2019
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Survey & Assessment Division

The Survey & Assessment Division is responsible for collecting and processing statistics and economic data on the world markets for olive oils, olive-pomace oils and table olives and for carrying out studies to identify ways of achieving the long-term stability and expansion of the olive products market.


It is made up of a team headed by a Deputy Director and comprising a Statistics Department and a Survey Department.


Division responsibilities broadly include:

  • Collecting and analysing up-to-date statistics on production, consumption, imports, exports and carry-overs of olive oils, table olives and other fluid edible vegetable oils.
  • Reviewing market conditions and pinpointing potential problems and developments.
  • Monitoring the national policies implemented by the member countries.
  • Preparing reports and country profiles for meetings of the IOC Economic Committee and sessions of the Council of Members.
  • Carrying out economic and statistics-related studies on the olive sector.
  • Supplying copy for the official IOC magazine, Olivae.