January 2018
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Madrid - These are the wishes of a committed team working to create the conditions for optimum economic development in the olive world.

Our thanks go to the institutions of member and observer countries, to international olive oil and table olive…

Best wishes for the festive season to all lovers of olives and olive oil!

Our offices will re-open on 2 January 2018.

Abdellatif Ghedira, the Executive Director of the International Olive Council, recently travelled to Tripoli for the inauguration of the third edition of the international fair of olive oil and table olives. Speaking at the event, he highlighted the…

The world olive oil balance for the 2016/17 crop year opened with 549 500 t of olive oil held in stocks. World olive oil production is assessed at 2 539 000 t, down by 20% compared with the previous crop year (- 637.500 t). The figure for the…

The Executive Secretariat of the International Olive Council has drawn up a simple questionnaire to find out about your preferences, in order to adapt itself to your needs and tastes as it works on developing a new, more modern and more dynamic…

The International Olive Council held its 106th session of the Council of Members at the headquarters of the Organisation (Calle Principe de Vergara, 154) in Madrid, from 21 to 24 November 2017.

Representatives of the eight member countries of the…